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​A llama appearance from our cuddly and charismatic llamas provides a unique, interactive experience for your guests, that most have never experienced before, and smiles that will last forever! Interested in booking these sweet creatures for your event? Learn more about the variety of experiences we have available below. 



Our llamas are highly socialized and very zen.  They are stunning and unexpected at formal gatherings and an absolute delight to wedding guests.  Everyone immediately wants to meet, touch, learn about, and have their picture taken with the llamas.  Making your event unforgettable with a llama is no probllama! Each event is unique and we would love to learn more about your venue and plans. Email Elizabeth to learn more.


Llamas are guardian animals: they instinctively recognize vulnerability in smaller animals and feel a duty to protect and guard.  Because our llamas are highly socialized from constant positive human interaction, they extend their protective instinct to humans in need, in extraordinary ways. Our stunning llamas have a beautiful capacity for connection and the response we witness in these interactions is quite inspiring.  Our llamas (and handlers) especially enjoy visiting retirement homes, hospice patients, and disabled adults. Email Elizabeth to learn more.

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