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A visit to our organic hobby farm is a peaceful and unique outing for families. Children love finally meeting the animals they have read about in story books for years, discovering nature, and being farmers for a day.  Parents love the gentle pace, the nurturing farm staff, and taking pictures of their children with the animals.  Grandparents especially love being a part of this special outing and it is the perfect activity for grandparent visits.  Families love to gather eggs from the hens, meet and brush the animals, and sip fresh milk from our dairy goats (seasonal)  Our farm visits are educational, fun and hands on. Children enjoy interactive time in the barnyard surrounded by animals including llamas, goats, miniature sheep, miniature horses, a miniature donkey, a miniature potbellied pig, rabbits, and chickens. The tour ends in our organic garden with a playground, turkeys, geese, chickens, and rabbits.

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